Jessica Ernst M Sc Biologist, Speaking in Ireland

A presentation by Jessica Ernst M Sc Biologist and environmental consultant to the oil and as
industry, with more than 30 years experience Jessica is a long time critic of hydraulic fracturing.

Jessica has first-hand experience of living in communities where Fracking takes place, her insight into industry practices promises to be both informative and timely.

Jessica is on a week long visit to Ireland for the first time and will speak in Leinster house on Monday to TD’s and Senators.

She will be in Belcoo, Community Centre, Fermanagh, Feb 21st 8pm

North West Network Against Fracking will be hosting Dr. John O’Connor, a physician from Alberta, Canada, and Jessica Ernst, MSc, on Wednesday, 22nd February, at the Clarion Hotel Sligo at 8pm.

The Bush Hotel, Carrick-on-Shannon, Feb 23rd, 8pm
Glenfarne, Co.Leitrim, (venue/time TBC) Feb 24th
Dublin – city centre (venue/time TBC)

A question and Answers session will follow the presentations.
All are welcome, and entrance is free.
Please spread the word to friends and neighbours about these important upcoming events, thank you.

The event in Carrick on shannon will be chaired by Liam Scollan

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One Response to Jessica Ernst M Sc Biologist, Speaking in Ireland

  1. With regard to frac’ing, my research into environmental landscape may be of interest to Jessica. The fracturing of the geological rock in the manor that is undertaken by this technology extends far beyond the contamination of the water. It will effectively destroy the entire ecosystem in the immediate area and most likely render it inhabitable in the long term or at an enclave for numerous neurobiological illness. If Jessica wants more info you have my email – phone 087 2563895. The evidence is already in the landscape, its just nobody has put the pieces together.

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