How can they get away with creating so much dirty water?

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I am appalled by this Fracking issue. In fact, it offends my sensibilities for many reasons. Firstly, in response to new aggressive water & anti pollution laws I started a new business that demonstrates how you can clean vehicles to showroom shine in 20 minutes without excessive use of water (conservation) & without one single chemical (preservation).

Irish legislation is cracking down on indiscriminate use of water by penalising businesses for toxic washing. To date it hasn’t been heavily policed, but EU Directive has put Ireland under pressure to start policing this policy.

This means that any business who toxic washes as a by product of their business is now in trouble. Any waste water run off has to be contained, removed & treated. Water rates will kick in to ensure that excessive use of water is curbed.

So someone explain to me please how a large company can come into ireland & suggest that they use billions of litres of water (from where), deliberately contaminate it with hard core chemicals, pump it into the ground & then pool it in the area?

Where is all that water to come from? Who will pay the water bill on this. If irish business is subject to water rates to avoid excessive & indiscrimminate use of water, then how on earth is a company involved in Fracking going to avoid rates. You are either a business (big or small) or not, subject to the same law of the land. If busiensses are penalised for contaminating water & are obliged to contain it & treat it until it is harmless (expensive), to prevent it from escaping into the earth & contaminating our already contaminated water table, how can a company propose to do this ‘for a living’ & not be subject to the same law?

It is going to be one of those cases again in this country where the goal posts are moved for people with money? If a company like that can pump billions & billions of gallons of water a day into the ground, contaminate it, then what would be the poiint of any other business trying to contain their toxic washing? Its a bit like throwing a bucket of water onto a towering inferno.

The industry I work in is under enormous pressure to change how we clean due to the massive toxic washing issue. Billions of litres of water & chemical have been washed into the water table & land indiscrimminately over decades. Its still happening. Except now, the laws are being inforced. And the water rates will have a huge impact on businesses who use alot of water to clean. So when we went into the industry, we researched & trained & tested until we developed a system that resolved all the challenges that faced us. And we wanted to introduce a system to all business who are faced with these challenges so that toxic washing can be a thing of the past without damaging your business.

The government won’t provide an alternative for business. They just tell you to stop doing it. Alot of business in this country don’t actually know this. That they are not supposed to toxic wash. Just because its not enforced does not mean that its legal. Many businesses in Dublin, particularly in the Vehicle washing sector have been shutdown overnight. The council have turned off their water. They were not containing the polluted water so they were prevented from trading. This is becoming more widespread now that EU are demanding the enforcement of these laws.

It is the responsibiltiy of each business to stay abrest of these laws so huffing & puffing when the environmental police turn up on your doorstep to stop the toxic washing won’t do you any good. Now if every business in Ireland, big or small is subject to this legislation, how on earth are these big ‘energy’ companies even allowed to ‘consider’ going into business in this way? Surely on that basis it is illegal! Does anyone know how this is a consideration?

If I whipped out a pressure wash in Co. Leitrim and started toxic washing with a load of hard chemical TFR (Traffic Film Remover, horrible stuff), then I would probably be shut down in a very short space of time. In comparison, that washing wouldn’t even be a drop in the ocean compared to what Fracking would involve. Its an environmental ATROCITY. And this blackmail that they go on with regarding providing necessary employment in the area? What utter nonsense.

So people are supposed to decide between the devil & the deep blue sea? Do we stay on the dole or poision ourselves, our land, our children, our animal friends, our whole ecosystem? What kind of a choice is that? That is no choice. There is no honor in that work. A job at the expense of every other consideration in the communinity is no job at all. This is another demonstration of how PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE rules.

The perpetrators of this type of scandalous practice won’t be living in lovely leitrim or whereever they want to Frack. They will be thousands of miles away from the devastation sailing around the mediterranean on their yacht. They don’t care about the people, providing jobs or the environment. They care about MONEY. And its about time people started taking responsibility for how their lives are dictated. Instead of constantly handing it over to incompetent & corrupt politicians who are just businessmen doing deals ‘in their own interests’.

People need to start realising that we are lost in the forest & depending on the government or big business to navigate us out of the forest in safety is ludicrious. They are like the bear who wants to eat us all for his dinner. Its not in his interest to have us navigate our way out. Its in his interest to have us lost, hungry, wandering aimlessly, preoccupied with survival so we can’t see the wood from the trees & navigate our own way out.

Wake up everyone. This is an ATROCITY on the land & subseqently on ourselves. No one escapes if this is allow to take place. We will all suffer.

Geraldine (GreenValet – Pioneers in the Solution to Pollution)

About Greenvalet

We are a 100% non toxic cleaning business. Strongly invested in the preservation & conservation of water. We demonstrate every day how a business can clean a car to a showroom finish without excessive use of water or without any toxic chemicals or toxic washing. We want to help deploy this simple effective system to all business who can benefit by this cleaning system. It is faster, cleaner, & greener. The only 100% non toxic vehicle cleaning company in Ireland & UK. Visit our website to see how we do this everyday!
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